Friday, April 26, 2019

The Story of Sammy and his Journey

Samuel returned to the hideout at a about 8pm.
Isaiah wasn’t in sight neither was the bike.
This got some crazy thoughts creeping in him, he shoved them away instantly.
*on the phone*
samuel: Isabella, have you seen Isaiah lately?
Isabella: nope…why?
Samuel: never mind.
Isabella: Nooo tell me!!
Samuel: uh….i gotta catch some sleep.
Talk to you tomorrow.
*hung up*
Angelo sat on a stool in Nikky’s ne ward.
She was gradually responding to treatment and her health was fast recovering.
The fall had affected some parts of her nervous system.
Reason why her recovery was taking this much time.
Nikky: (in a weak voice) hey dad!
Angelo: Nikky!!!!
Angelo: how are you feeling now? Better? Are you having any pains? Should i call the doctor?
Nikky: common dad! I’m feeling alot more better.
Angelo: (smile) i’m just worried about you.
Nikky: dad have you heard from Isaiah? Have he been visiting?
Angelo: no he haven’t, he probably ran away after putting you in this condition.
Nikky: i don’t think he’d disappear just like that! Perhaps he’s busy with an out of town business.
**phone rings**
Angelo: excuse me…..yes? You’ve caught him? Nice job,,,nice!
Now i want a heavy security around him, he shouldn’t move an inch out of cell, copy?,,,,,good.
**hung up**
Nikky: who is in jail?
Angelo: some random fugitive.

Teacher: morning class…..
All the students stood up, it was mandatory to do so when greeting a teacher in ‘summit memorial’
All: good morning sir!!!!
Teacher: you can have your seats, hope you all had a wonderful night and are ready for today’s lessons?
Afew: yes sir.
Teacher: (walking about) good! In our last lesson, we learnt parts of speech.
We’d be starting a new topic today, but before that, who can tell us what an interjection is?
The whole class was dead silent, none of the kids seem to know the answer.
Nenita do, but she didn’t feel like answering ‘coz it would only make Lana more mad at her.
Teacher: if none of you can answer, then you’d each recieve two strokes of cane….jane get me my horse wipe!!!
Nenita: sir….i’d like to attempt.
Teacher: go on,,,maybe you would be able to save your friends.
Nenita explained pretty well, to the satisfaction of their teacher.
Teacher: woooow you did well, Neni.
Ynu know what? I think you kids should learn from her, especially you, Lana.
Shes your sister!!!
The teacher delivered her lessons for the day and left.
The moment she left half the class gathered around Nenita, using different words to thank her for saving their åss.
Miss Davies, their teacher was a good punisher.

Soon, Nenita made a whole lot of friends, to the jealousy of Lana.
Lana was scared her dad would prefer Nenita to her because Nenita was the epitome of what her dad wanted her to be! The good grades, the hardwork and all fits perfectly into the Lana Angelo her dad had always wanted her to be.
I was beaten without mercy by two dangerous looking men.
Then tranfered to another cell, a more discomforting one.
It was so dark and dirty, it stinks!!!
It even had some rodents in it.
The cell was welled by this eerie sensation. perhabs ‘coz twilight was fast approaching.
To top it all, the room was as cold as an ice manufacturing factory.
I almost caught fever during the night.
It marked my worst night ever.
The long awaited morning finally came.
I knew ‘coz of the gloomy picture the cell assumed.
A kind hearted warder granted me the opportunity to use his cell phone for a brief phone call.
I quickly inputed Samuel digits and dailed.
Which he picked on the second beep.
I told him about my predicament…….
Samuel: Isaiah have been recaptured!
Mark: yeah i know, its the latest headline.
Samuel: shìt!!! Any news about Ella? Have you figured out anything yet?
Mark: you know Rodelio is very discreet….but i’ve observed a leaked end in his gang.
Samuel: what is it? Is it useful?
Mark: his gangmembers are not that disciplined.
Thats one problem with untrained civilians.
Samuel: you mean?
Mark: they move about anyhow, they party and drink mostly in only one joint,,,,we can keep a tab on one of them.
Samuel: sounds nice.
Guidotti heard of attorney Fred from a friend.
He was told the attorney had never lost a case before, moreso, he seem to be influential in the law world.
He decided to visit him, hoping to win his heart…..
He arrived Fred’s home and was directed to his ‘home office’
Fred: hello….sir.
Guidotti: mayor Guidotti…..
Fred: attorney Fred….
Fred: how may i be of help to you mister…..mayor?
Guidotti: i heard you’ar the best, and you know what you do.
I need you to handle a case for me, my son’s actually.
Fred: whats the case all about?
Guidotti: its a case of attempted murder, though everything was a mistake.
Fred: is your son Isaiah Guidotti?
Guidotti:(excited) yes!
Fred: i can’t handle the case, sorry please.
Guidotti: but why? Is it money you want? Just mention the amount and i’d give it to you right away!!!
Fred: its not all abou the money, i would be handling the same case, Angelo is my client.
Guidotti: Angelo? Your client?
Fred: yes sir…..
Guidotti went back home, feeling very sad.
He’s last hope for a better verdict for Isaiah was lost.
The thought of going against Angelo even got him more worried! If it were to be in the past, this case would have been solved amicably without the court or police’ intervention.
But not anymore because he and Angelo have become enemies for political reasons.
Angelo believes he was cheated by Guidotti and may use this opportunity to pay him (Guidotti). Guidotti phoned their family lawyer, asking him to get prepared for the court sitting tomorrow
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My blood brother is a bad boy

My name is Tony, I am 20 years old and the only son of George and Caroline, who are both 43. I have one sibling, Kate, my 25-year-old very married older sister. Although mum and dad are well respected in the community, we are just an average middle class family. Not supermodels or super jocks/studs. My parents love to dance and spend a lot of time practicing and competing. They are so committed that they had the entire basement converted into their own personal mirror lined dance studio with a small bedroom and ensuite at one end. Mum and Dad always hosted the annual family get-together, mostly so that they could show off their fantastic dancing skills. I was especially looking forward to this year’s event as I was bringing my girlfriend along for the first time. Although we have been together for about 3 years (and living together for the past 8 months) Sharon has never been able to make it previously because she is a nurse and has had to work. Usually both sides of the family come over and it’s usually a great day with all the grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins catching up, overeating and getting pissed. Just before lunch my parents usually put on their latest dancing routine. They have been together for so many years now that they just melt into each other and instinctively know what the other is doing. I never tire of watching them and have often wished that I could dance they way they do. This year was another successful reunion and Sharon and I stayed behind to help with the cleanup after everyone had gone. When we had finished we all sat down for one last drink before Sharon and I headed for home. “I wish I could dance like you guys,” I said to both mum and dad “yeah!” echoed Sharon, “you are fantastic” “Well, why don’t you both go along to the club for some lessons” said Dad “you know your mum and I can help you at other times. It wont take long and you will be dancing just like us.” “Its not that easy Dad. We have discussed it before and Sharon cannot commit to anything because of her work. You know how she works odd hours and is on call. Its just not possible” “I feel awful,” said Sharon “because I know how much Tony would love to dance properly. I even suggested that he go by himself, but he won’t do that either.” “Well I have a solution” chipped in mum “how would you like to learn with your Aunt Jane?” Aunt Jane is my Dad’s youngest sister. She is about 7 years younger than Dad, which would make her 36, and is married to a great guy named Barry (Bazza for short) and have two children of their own, both girls, aged 9 and 7. “Jane told me last week”, mum continued, “that she and Barry went to classes but it didn’t go very well. Apparently Bazza has two left feet and just couldn’t get the tempo, so they just gave up. I could ask her if she would be interested in teaming up with you Tony.” “That sounds like a great idea” said Sharon “that way you and your Aunt Jane both get to learn” “Hold on, hold on, guys. I’m not sure I want to go dancing with my aunt” I sneered, “What would other people think? And besides, AJ (when I got older I started to Aunt Jane just AJ) may not wish to be seen with her nephew either.” “Don’t be silly” said Sharon “its not like you are going to be out with your mates or anything. Its just dancing lessons” “Let me think about it” I replied, “I’m just unsure, OK?” Diplomatic Dad then thankfully changed the topic and after about another hour Sharon and I said our farewells and headed off to our own place. I thought nothing more about the conversation until three weeks later when Sharon picked up a telephone call in the kitchen.
I thought she was speaking to one of her girlfriends and got a surprise when after about 10 minutes she yells “Tony, telephone.” I walk into the kitchen and said to Sharon “who is it?” “You’ll find out” she says, plonks the receiver in my hand and marches out. I lift the phone and tentatively say “Hello” “Hi Tony, it’s Jane” came the response. “AJ” I stammered, “this is a surprise, is everything Ok?” “Yes everything’s fine thanks” she responded “how about with you?” “Yep, great.” “Tony, your mum has told me about you wanting to go to dancing lessons and that she suggested to you we could go together.” “yeah that’s right” I said “Well initially I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea” she continued “however I have had some time to think about it and maybe we could give it a go. I spoke to Barry and he is happy for me to go with you and I mentioned it to Sharon then and she seems ok with it as well. So what do you think?” I was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond. I had not given the suggestion any further thought. “Umm, ahh” I blabbered “can I just speak to Sharon further? It’s not that I don’t believe you AJ but I just want to make sure she will be ok with it.” “Sure, no problem.” she said “I am really quite excited about it now”. We then said our respective goodbyes before hanging up the phone. I turned around and Sharon was watching me with hands on hips, tapping her foot. “Why didn’t you tell Aunt Jane that you would do it?” she said “I wanted to make sure for myself that you were ok and not feel pressured into anything” I responded “Of course I am ok” she said “its not like Aunt Jane is some young sexpot that’s gonna race you off. She’s your aunty for goodness sake. Go on, call her back and let her know its ok” And that’s exactly what I did. So AJ and I started going to lessons once a week and would go around to mum and dads for additional practice whenever we could arrange it. That was normally once or twice a week in the evening. Sometimes we would make it the afternoon and AJ’s girls would come along and watch. Mum and dad never bothered us when we practiced unless we specifically asked them to come down and help. I was always thankful to them for that. With all the time we spent together AJ and I developed a really great relationship. In the early days I don’t think either of us have laughed so much in our entire life. We became pretty relaxed with each other and that showed in our dancing. Although our lessons were limited to the waltz and foxtrot, we became very good quite quickly and even put on a show of our own at the next family reunion. It was in our second year of dancing that we moved onto learning the Latin dances like rumba and salsa. It was during these lessons that I started to notice AJ as an extremely sexy woman. The ballroom dresses were gone and replaced with very very short skirts and plunging necklines. The first time I saw Aunt Jane in a new outfit was at the dressmakers and I was speechless. She still kept her coppery colored hair high on her head (I don’t ever recall seeing it any other way) but it was her hourglass figure that I first noticed. She looked so trim it belied the fact that she had two children. Her legs were a little on the thinker side, probably from all of our dancing, but she walked with a seductive grace that was just so natural and alluring. Obviously I had noticed Aunt Jane’s b-----s before but they were always just there. Now, not only were they just there but almost out altogether. I don’t know how they were being kept in but I could see they were so full and milky white. I mentally estimated Aunt Jane as about a 36C cup. “Well what do you think Tony? Is it too much?” Aunt Jane said. I shook my head in an effort to regain my senses “n… n… no” I stuttered “you look absolutely fantastic. You gotta get that one.” “I’m really not sure” she said, “its seems to be too revealing and is not something that Barry would like me to wear. Besides, I’m too old to be parading around like this” “Nonsense AJ. You’re not old at all and besides, that dress really shows how much of a sexy woman you are”. At that comment Aunt Jane snapped her head around and said “do you really think I look sexy in this Tony?” “You sure do. I am sure Barry will think so as well” I said. AJ just started hard at me for what seemed like eternity before saying “Ahaaa, I think I need something a little more conservative”. From that day on I thought of Aunt Jane differently
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The Blackmail (Emotional)

Emmanuel has been brought to the prison
Me: na your face be this oga Emma..welcome
to our new home
“He didn’t answer me”
Me: I said welcome to our new no
dey hear word? (i shouted on top my voice)
Sparko: oga, wetyn happen now..why you dey
disturb us with your noise now
Me: No vex oga sparko, na this mother furker
carry me enter this place ni
Sparko: How?
Me: He was the one that killed my wife
Sparko: You know mean am? All the same, no
be now you suppose dey shout for the guy,
give am some time, make hin settle down for
new house before you start questioning
him….dis place still dey strange to him, just
keep am cool before you commit another
murder because i never see you to be this
aggressive before.
I stepped out of the place because the sight of
Emma was infuriating me. It has been almost
a week Emma was brought to the prison, even
though we slept in the same room but we
never uttered one single word to each other.
I was outside the prison room this lovely
afternoon thinking about my life and
everything when suddenly someone tapped me
from behind, it was sparko, the don of our
room in company of Emma, he said Emma
came to him that he needed to talk to me but
does not know how to go about it. He wanted
him to interfere in it
Emma: Please am very sorry Snakie, i have to
come and seek for your forgiveness so that
God can forgive me too maybe i will get a soft
Me: My forgiveness on what? How will i
forgive you when i don’t know your offence?
Emma: You know my offence and am very
sorry, it was all a mistake
Me: Mistake? did it happen? Well i
can only forgive you if you are ready to say
the truth from the beginning till the end in the
presence of the chief warden
Emma: i will do anything if that is what you
“We all walk straight down to the warden
office and that was made possible because of
my interaction with them, fortunately for us
the boss was around and we went to his
Oga: Ehn..ehn, how may i help you, they said
you guys want to see me
Me: Yes Ma, Emma said he wanted to talk to
me based on what brought both of us here
and i want you to be a witness to our
Oga: Oh that true Emma
Emma: Yes Oga, i just need him to forgive me
so that Biola’s spirit can also forgive me, it
was all a mistake
Oga: Okay..we are listening, what happened
Me: You have to start from the beginning from
how you met my wife.
Emma: Well, Biola was my neighbour, i met
her when she moved to the BQ in our
compound, I was so happy when i realized she
was still single as i saw that as opportunity to
mingle together.
When she first came in, for like a whole month
i didn’t see any guy visiting him neither does
he go out, her movement is always from office
to work, she was always at home during the
weekend too.
I was so nice to her, trying to always keep her
company, she was not a novice so she got the
body language and always try as much as
possible to excuse herself from me but i still
manage to always say hello to her. I will call
her at regular interval to know how she was
doing and all sort.
It all happened this particular Friday evening;
i went to her flat to check on her, her mood
was so different from what have been seeing
over the past one month. I enquire on the
mood change, after series of pestering; she
told me she was promoted in her office. I told
her that called for celebration, i went back to
my room, came back with a full bottle of
alcoholic drink and before she knew what was
happening, i purposely got her drunk and she
started mentioning your name even though
have not met you there, she talked about how
she loved you and you disappointed her..
I realized that was an advantage for me so i
took her inside her bedroom and have sex
with her.
Me: without her knowledge?
Emma: I don’t know but she was crazy during
the sex, she was aware but i guess she was
seeing someone else in me, it was not until
the following morning she woke up, found
both of us naked on her bed and chased me
out of her flat after she started crying.
I thought i was sharp because i took enough
of her naked picture that very day and even
used my phone to cover the sex scene so that
i can always use it against her in other for me
to have access to her again.
Biola stop talking to me since that day and it
was not quite long after that incident i saw
you with her and she introduced you to me as
her fiancée, if you could remember, i purposely
wanted to be your friend so that she will have
the fear in mind that i can leak our secret to
you which in turn will always make me to have
my way.
Biola definitely against my thought was a
strong character, she called my bluff but i was
waiting for the right time to show her the
nude pictures of her that i have in my
possession. Biola stop coming to the house
all of a sudden was i was still yarning to have
a taste of her even if for the last time
There was this day she came in late in the
night, i guess she only came in to pick one or
two things, immediately i saw her entered her
flat, i followed her inside as she was not
expecting me, she wanted to walk me out but i
talk to her as if i wanted to plead with her
until i showed her all her naked pictures i
have with me..She asked what i wanted, it it
was money as she was ready to give me any
amount, i told her i don’t want anything and
all i wanted was to have a taste of her.
I said to her that failure of her to cooperate
with me will definitely lead to me leaking her
secret out just as the video of kay and mary
was leaked online by me after i copied it from
her phone
Me: so, you were the one that loaded the
video online
Emma: Yes of course because kay was a devil,
there was a business transaction we had
together which he betrayed me
Me: So, you use that against him to the
detriment of other people
Oga: Something is seriously happening
Emma: She had no option than to give in to
my demand, in fact i had to tore her cloth
when she was delaying and i sexed her to my
satisfaction that night after which i left her in
the room, it was a total miss that i didn’t
sleep in her flat that night as you came in very
early the following morning
Me: Uhmmm…now i understand, that was the
night Biola said there was robbery in your
Emma: Roberry ke? There was nothing like
robbery in my area oooo
Me: So, Biola lied to me…
Emma: What do you expect, she needed to
safe her marriage, i always threaten her on
phone and all sort, i was surprised one
particular evening when she bumped into my
house to plead to me on what i wanted for me
to forget about her and let have a peaceful
marriage, she told me she has gone through
enough in other for both of you to be
After pleading for like two hours, i guess that
day was like some days to your wedding, i told
her have heard her and ready to let her have
peace of mind but we must do the last one
just like a final round to cap it all…
Initially she didn’t want to give in because she
claimed she was on her period but i didn’t
believed her, i walked her out when she was
crying on me, she later gave in and went
inside my room to laid on my bed, i make sure
i strip her totally naked in the room, it was
not until that i realized she was only lying to
me about the period thing, i did like 3 rounds
even though she never responded to the sex
All my bed and her body was stained with
blood, i went to clean up myself in the visitors
toilet while she make use of my bedroom toilet,
her phone started ringing in the sitting room,
which i wanted to help her to pick in her bag, i
mistakenly brought out a paper and check
through it, it was a doctor’s report which
shows she was pregnant.
She came out but was stunned when she
found the paper with me, i confronted her that
the pregnancy was mine but she declined, i
told her to tell me the truth as she must not
abort my pregnancy because we have a deity
in our house that whoever aborted our
pregnancy will die.
She was scared and started begging me, it
was then i realized the pregnancy was mine,
she asked what could be done for her to abort
the pregnancy and i told her nothing and am
accepting the pregnancy then she flares up.
At the end of it, i didn’t allow her to go home
that night, she slept at my place and our final
conclusion was that she can have the baby
even though i have the mind that i will allow
her to abort it at my own time before it got
three month….We had sex to my satisfaction
that very night
Me: What happened that night Biola Died
Emma: Well, before that night, we thought you
were dead, in fact i guess it was because of
me she agreed to go and stay at your parent
place, i was a bit happy when i heard you
guys have returned home. My purpose of visit
was to tell her that she can abort the
pregnancy if she has not done that already.
Since i never suspected any foul play, i know
even if you see me you think it was just a
friendly visit but i was surprised when she
opened the door and she was the only one in,
the sight of what i saw was beauty to behold,
i couldn’t control my libido, i sensed there
was no one at home except her, she only put
on a chiffon top and a short track.
Immediately she set her eyes on me, she
started shouting what i was looking for and
that i should get out of the house, i moved
closer to her then she pushed me away, i
started struggling with her and in the process
tore her top, i tried to drag her short down but
she was a bit strong for me, she managed to
push me away and ran inside the bedroom but
i followed her immediately
She was not able to close the door on me, she
picked up a knife immediately she entered the
room, i held her hand because i wanted to
collect the knife from her but she struggled
with me, during the process of our struggling
together, the knife mistakenly struck her
stomach and she started grasping for her life, i
had to run out immediately as i must not be
Am very sorry snakie, Biola’s death wasn’t
Oga: You are wicked soul Emma, you are not
suppose to be living among human, you don’t
need any forgiveness from him, your
forgiveness is in God’s hand, do you know
what your action have caused? All because of
5 minutes enjoyment. Was his wife the only
girl on this earth? Don’t worry, you will meet
your judgement in court and if you don’t know,
have recorded all what you said.
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Saturday, April 20, 2019

The shameless family

“Mr Bobby Chizinga, do you take Alicia Zulu to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
“I do..”
“Do you, Alicia Zulu, take Bobby Chizinga to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health, in…..”
“I do…”
This part of my wedding day had always been a happy and vivid memory to me. I thought I would forever cherish this blessed day but guess I was utterly wrong. Well, my wedding day had been a clear memory for the past 3 years until earlier this evening. Bob and my wedding vows now sounded distant in my mind. Why wouldn’t they when the only clear words lingering inside my mind were Bob’s words when he’d come back from work looking exhausted….
“I didn’t hear you drive in,” I said, stifling a yawn and getting out of bed where I had been for the past one hour due to a slight headache that I had developed after doing house chores all day. Not that I didn’t have a house-help but she wasn’t feeling well today so I had to give her at least a day off and she was free to come back whenever she felt fit enough to.
Bob let out a deep breath and locked the bedroom door behind him and then dumped both himself and his briefcase on our bed. I sat next to him and brushed a kiss on his lips. He didn’t kiss me back.
“How was your day, darling?”
“Must you ask me the same irrelevant question everyday when you already know the response you going to get?” Bob sounded agitated. “And please quit trying to get me undressed, I’m not handicapped so I guess I can take care of myself well enough.”
Okay I had no idea where all this was coming from. Didn’t I always take care of my husband? Wasn’t that my job as a full time housewife? To take care of the chores, my husband and my 7-year-old son?
“Bob,” I said, withdrawing my hands from his necktie and placing them on my thighs. “What’s going on?”
There was a long, pregnant silence and when Bob replied, I regretted having asked him what was going on.
He chuckled and stood so that he was peering down at me. “I’ve grown tired of this marriage.”
“What do you mean?” I found myself on my feet too.
“Are you deaf, huh Alicia? I mean exactly what I said, I’m literally bored to death with this marriage. You’ve gained too much weight such that I can’t even take you out to social gatherings anymore. Forget gaining weight, you’re as boring as a corpse when it comes to making love. Well, you’re literally useless! I’m sorry to say this but all you do is stay home and consume my food. All you are good at is eat, eat and eat.”
“Are you for real? Bob, don’t you forget that you knocked me pregnant when I was only 16 and as a result I quit school and oh, don’t you say all I do is eat cause you don’t know what it takes to run this house.”
“Ah honey, point of correction, I run this house cause I pay all the bills.”
I sighed in defeat as he was right about that part but still, I didn’t deserve the insults he was shooting at me now.
Defeatedly, I slumped back to the bed. “This isn’t about me gaining weight or staying home all day, is it? Tell me where this is coming from and where it’s going.”
“I’m glad your brains aren’t totally useless,” said Bob curtly as he leaned against the lime green wall. “Alicia, I hate to do this but I want a divorce.”
At that moment, I felt my world come crushing down on me and tears freely escaped my eyes. I loved Bob so much and besides he was my life even though I was only 23.
I pleadingly said, “Honey, can’t we talk this out?”
“No we can’t, Alicia. I want a divorce and whether you agree or not, I’m getting one. I’m a lawyer after all so you mark my words.” and with that, Bob stormed out of the room and a minute later, out of the house.
Now here I was, lying in the bathtub with sore eyes. Wondering where I had gone wrong or why Bob would abruptly ask for a divorce. To be honest, I had seen him drifting away lately but I thought he was just trying to recover from my second miscarriage after marriage. Could my miscarriages be the reason for the divorce? Of course not. Bob and I had a healthy son, Fredrick aka Fred. So there was definitely another reason as to why Bob would want to divorce me.
An idol mind is the devil’s temple and it’s because of my staying in the bathtub for too long that I started recalling old memories.
I was only 10-years-old when I received the news that both my parents had perished in an accident. After the funeral, my elder sister Lisa and my twin brother Francis and I moved from Mufulira’s Beijing to Kamuchanga and now stayed under the care of an uncle and his wife who were heaven sent as they even ended up sending my siblings and I to school….
I was 15 when I bumped into Bobby at Ipusukilo Secondary School. He was in grade 12 and I in 10. We started going out and I ended up falling pregnant and quit school in grade 11. Of course my siblings and guardians were terribly disappointed in me but what was done was done….
I was 18 when my brother Francis took ill and died a few weeks later. Losing my brother really shattered me but I thanked God for Lisa who was there to always comfort me and not to mention Bobby who showed unwavering love and care toward me and our son Fred…..
I was 20, Bob 24 and Fred 4 when I walked down the aisle and became Bob’s official wife and now after three years he wanted a divorce? I just couldn’t comprehend what was going on.
I must be dreaming, I thought as I stepped out of the bathtub. I was wrapping a towel round my body when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.
“Mummy, I need you to help me with me homework before I go to bed,” called Fred in a sulky tone. “You’ve been in there for over an hour, will you come out already? I’m getting sleepy.”
I couldn’t help but smile. My son really made me sane. “I’m done, sweety. I’ll be out in a minute.”
“You better be.”
“Bossy child,” I muttered when I heard Fred’s footsteps leaving the bathroom premises.
Bob hadn’t turned up yet and even though I had the urge of giving him a call, I refrained from doing so. I was done helping Fred with his homework and was now tucking him into bed. I sat beside him and cuddled him real tight.
“If you were to pick between your daddy and I, who would you pick?” I said, not knowing why I was even saying this.
Fred glanced at me with puppy eyes. “That’s a strange question to ask someone, mummy. You know I love both you and dad equally so I guess it’d be tough for me to pick either.” he paused. “Why, you too going on separation?”
“Of course not,” I said almost immediately. “Was just asking.”
“Well, I’ve got a friend at school who had to pick a parent. He picked his mum but I honestly don’t know who I’d pick. Good night, mama. Love you.”
“Love you too.” I kissed his forehead good night.
My two friends Monde, Lubona and I were out shopping. I was clad in a yellow pencil dress, black fancy pumps, gold studs and was clutching a yellow sophisticated handbag. My Masai braids were on point too. I now kind of felt comfortable in my own skin after hitting the gym for the past one month, all in a bid to please Bob.
Speaking of pleasing Bob, I had gone to extreme lengths just to do so. I had hit the gym and lost weight that I was now slim and quite sexy, I no longer stayed full time at home as I’d found myself a job selling in a certain boutique in town and I had googled love making methods. When I’d attempted one of them on Bob, he had pushed me off him in disgust.
“Sweet Jesus, Alicia. You acting like a w---e. What’s gotten into you?”
I had swallowed my saliva and slept. Crying of course.
Well, all my efforts to please Bob seemed futile as he was set on divorcing me but I was giving him a hard time cause I loved him so much and so did I love my son and I wouldn’t like him to grow up with a single parent nor to come from a broken home.
We were headed to where Monde’s car was parked when she said, “Aha. Before I forget, how’s your marriage, Alicia?”
Them being my best friends, I had confided in both Monde and Lubona. Lubona had suggested I grant Bob the divorce and Monde had suggested the opposite. So had Lisa who now worked as a nurse at a private clinic in Ndola.
“Bae, I can’t lie. It’s still going down the drain.”
“I know I’m not married,” Lubona began, flipping back her weave. “But I wouldn’t let a man treat me like trash. No way! I still insist you divorce his a-s cause you still young bae thus you need to live your life happily with less drama and problems.”
“Why don’t you let her decide what she has to do with her marriage, huh Lubona? As you said, she’s a grown woman so I think she’s mature enough to know what’s best for her.” Monde retorted and turned to me. “Alicia, do what you think is right.”
“Whatever,” Lubona snapped. “I’m the wild one in the group and I guess my opinion doesn’t count.”
“That’s enough, girls.” I was stern. “Lets drop this topic, shall we?”
“Thank you,” Lubona exasperated.
We had just finished loading our groceries into the bonnet of Monde’s Jeep when she tapped me on my shoulder, pointing toward where a car I recognized to be my husband’s was parked. I didn’t notice my husband nor his sidechick not until Monde ruefully said, “Isn’t that your husband? And who’s that chick that he’s….” she trailed off.
Bob had just planted a kiss on the woman’s lips before opening his car door. Just then, we all caught a glimpse of the lady in question.
Lubona, Monde and I now stood petrified as my husband drove off. I thought I’d known pain in my life but I was wrong. I knew his sidechick very well. I just couldn’t believe she could stab me in the back.
Monde and I paced back and forth in her living room while Lubona was seated on the couch, her head buried in her palms. She always did that when she was deep in thought.
“For how long has this been going on?” I demanded, crossing my arms and sternly glaring at Lubona who then glanced up at me.
“Alicia, don’t tell me you’re indirecting accusing me of being aware of what’s been going on. Do you honestly think I have a hand in this?”
“What must she think?” snapped Monde. “Angela is your young sister and you expect Alicia and I to think you’re not aware she’s going out with Alicia’s husband? Lubona, I’m utterly disappointed in you cause I just can’t fathom the bitter truth that you’d literally stab Alicia in the back!”
Yes, Angela, Angie or whatever she called herself had always been a wild slay queen but never in my wildest dreams had I thought she’d go out with my husband.
Lubona’s eyes became watery. “Guys, I swear on my late mother’s grave I’m innocent.”
“Why don’t I believe you?” Brow furrowed, Monde asked.
Before Lubona could reply, I said, “I don’t know whether I believe you or not, Lubona. But please tell your sister to leave my husband alone cause all hell will break loose if she doesn’t.” with that, I grabbed my handbag and carrier bags then stormed out of the house. Both Monde and Lubona came calling out my name.
They caught up with me at the gate. Monde grabbed my arm. “Let me at least give you a ride.”
“Thanks for the kind gesture, Monde. But I have cash on me and can find my way home.”
“I’m really sorry about this,” said Lubona. “I also am shocked by this as much as both of you are, believe me. Angie is wild. This I admit but I’m ashamed to call myself her elder sister after learning what she’s done. I’ll try talking some sense into her though.”
“You better do that ASAP cause I don’t know what I’ll do to her if she continues going out with my husband, trust me neither of us will like it.”
I opened the small gate and stepped out of Monde’s compound. I heard her scold Lubona about her sister’s morals and shook my head as I headed towards the taxi rank.
“Your food is getting cold,” I told Bob who seemed busy with something on his laptop.
He didn’t bother glancing up. “I’m not hungry. And even if I were, I wouldn’t eat your goddamn food lest you poison me or drop love potion in it. Now, I’m busy so please spare me your retorts.”
Had he just read my mind cause I was definitely going to retort. Shaking my head in dismay, I left the bedroom and closed the door behind me.
“Yes, love?”
Fred and I were seated at the dining table having supper.
“What’s up with daddy, he barely eats with us anymore.”
How am I supposed to answer this? “He’s not hungry.”
“He’s rarely hungry lately. What’s going on, mummy?”
“It’s just work and stress,” I sighed and patted Fred’s free hand. “Besides, you won’t understand cause it’s grown up stuff.”
“Geez, all the grown up stuff terrifies me. If growing up is all about problems then I don’t want to grow up.”
“Fred, trust me when I say growing up’s fun too. Now eat your food before it gets cold.”
Fred merely nodded.
“Who is Angela?”
I was clad in my nightdress and was preparing to go to bed. Bob was seated at his desk, working on something.
He flinched. “Woman, don’t start with your drama. There’s so many Angelas out there and if my memory serves me right, I’m not acquainted with any so quit nagging me,” Bob saw to it that he was blantantly rude. “And one more thing, some of us have demanding jobs so let me work in peace.”
I shook my head and slid under the covers, leaning against the wall and crossing my arms.
“Of all people, it had to be my best friend’s sister Angela. Why, Bob? Why? Couldn’t you find another girl to bang?”
“Oh please, not again.” moaned Bob as he slammed his PC shut, turning so that we were now facing one another. “Alicia, tell whoever’s badmouthing me to get lost. Or better still get a life or hang themselves but they should please just leave me out of their gist.”
It’s amazing what great actors most men are. So Bob was denying knowing Angie?
“No one’s badmouthing you, Bob. Earlier today, at the mall, I saw you kissing Angie, in public!”
“So?” I couldn’t refrain myself from yelling. “You’re cheating on me in broad daylight and you think there’s nothing wrong with that?!”
“Cheating on you?” Bob retorted. “Madam, you’re the one that doesn’t want to divorce me so quit whining. In my mind, you’re no longer my wife. The sooner you get that through your taut skull the better!”
My tears couldn’t quite seem to find a better time to fall than now.
“And there, she’s now crying,” Bob muttered. “What a drama queen she is!”
Wiping my tears, I asked, “Where did I go wrong in this marriage, my dearest husband? What happened to the dates, picnics and all the loving and caring moments we shared? What wrong have I ever done to you, huh Bob?”
Bob slammed his hands on his desk. “Jesus, Alicia! Get the hell out of my case!” he was yelling. “Just sign the divorce papers already. If it’s being stranded you worried about then you shouldn’t cause I can always give you 20% alimony.”
“Do you think I care for money? Bob, I love you so much and all I wanna do is spend the rest of my life with you and our son.”
“Well I don’t love you except my son, period!” Bob sprang to his feet and turned off all the lights. He later slid under the covers beside me. “I want to sleep so if you value your looks, Alicia, don’t bother nagging me further nor sobbing. If you’re so emotional, you can go over to the guestroom and mourn all your dead relatives. You can even mourn your ancestors for all I care but just leave me alone.”
I slept with tears pouring out my eyes.
It had been three days since I’d discovered Bob was going out with Angela and he had already spent two nights out. Knowing what he was doing and whom he was doing it with almost drove me crazy but I still somehow managed to keep my sanity. But I think my tolerance had reached it’s limit when I read a text from Angie on Bob’s phone this morning whilst he was having a shower.
The text had read, “Hey boo, last night was intense. Can you believe I can barely walk from all the sex? Anyway, just thought of saying I miss you. Are you spending the night in the company of your old hag of a wife tonight?” I knew the text was from Angie after comparing the number from which it had come from with the one of Angie’s that was saved on my phone.
“Your side plate sent you a text,” I said to Bob when he left the shower.
He defensively grabbed his phone from the bed and read the text, scowling. “The next time you go through my messages, I’ll poke your eyes out. I just don’t get why you can’t get a life already.”
Now I was seated on the couch sipping on some juice as I watched T.V. I wondered what was taking my maid Mulenga so long. When she finally showed up, I snapped at her. “What took you so long to come for work, huh Mule? It’s past 9 AM for crying out loud! You’re lucky I’m not working today.”
“Madam,” began Mulenga in a mischievous tone. “You won’t believe what just happened in my area.”
“Try me,” I braced myself for the gossip that was coming my way. Trust Mule to gossip all day long.
She was saying,”So there’s this harlot in our area who goes out with every married man who says ‘hi’ to her and today, she finally got what was coming her way… As I was headed here, I saw two women angrily knocking on her door and I immediately knew trouble was coming so I stood to watch. When Ireen, that’s the harlot’s name by the way. So Ireen opened the door with only a towel wrapped round her body and guess what?”
“I can’t guess, Mule. Just tell me already.” I wasn’t in the mood for the gist.
Mule went on, “One of the women grabbed her by the weave and the other stripped her naked. People had now gathered to watch. And then the two women were pouncing on Ireen calling her all sorts of names and when they were done beating her, one of the women spat in her face and warned her to stay away from her husband,” she paused. “Madam, no matter how shameless that Ireen is, she’ll surely keep away from married men. I would too after being embarrassed like that.”
Mule stood and immediately begun working. One part in the story she had told me had really caught my attention and kind of inspired me.
Why hadn’t I thought of this on my own? I asked myself as I rushed to my room to grab my purse. I didn’t bother taking a bath so I simply told Mule to take care of the house while I was away.
“Where are you going?” she asked.
“It’s none of your business.” I rudely replied.
It was only after getting on a taxi that I gave Monde a call.
“Babe, you busy?” I spoke into the phone.
Monde replied, “No, baby boo. My guy stood me up so I’m just sulking over a movie with my cousin. And you now I’m on leave from work. Why, you wanna drop by?”
“Yes, bae. Go do some push ups or any exercises as you wait for me. Now, don’t ask questions and just do as I say. Trust me we are going to have ourselves some fun.

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